Setting our butterflies free!! 🦋❤️

This afternoon we took our butterflies out into the garden to set them free!
It was a little bit sad to say goodbye to them but very exciting to see them fly away after we’d watched them on their journey from tiny caterpillars 🐛 to beautiful butterflies!🦋

The first butterfly flew straight out of the net and up into the elderberry tree in the garden. Look closely to see if you can spot it in the pictures.

Lots of us got the chance to hold a butterfly if we wanted to and one even came back and landed on Kayleigh’s leg!

We have learnt so much about the lifecycle of a butterfly and will miss watching them in the classroom but at least Mrs MacIver and Mrs Williams don’t feel like they have 5 babies to worry about anymore!!! 😅😂 🐛🦋

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