Leavers Assembly and other info!

A wee reminder that our P7 Leavers Assembly will be tomorrow at 2pm. All welcome to join us at the following link …. https://meet.google.com/cnz-neyw-pod?authuser=0&hs=122 Please ensure you join before 2pm and keep your microphone off for the duration unless asked otherwise!

The pupils took part in a transition session earlier today. They spent a short time in their new classes for next session (fingers crossed nothing changes between now and August). Highland Council have still not informed me of staffing for the session so unfortunately not all pupils met their teachers today.

The classes are as follows …

P1- Mrs Williams and Mrs MacRitchie

P2/3 – Ms Stoddart and unknown

P3/4 – Mrs Mackenzie

P4/5 – unknown

P5/6 – Mrs Cullen

P7 – Mrs Lockett

I very much hope I will be able to fill you in on the ‘unknowns’ by Friday. Please be assured I will let you know as soon as I know myself.

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