Lucy’s Success

A huge well done to Lucy who has received her Level 3 Gymnastics certificate. She had to complete 10 different types of skills to a high standard to obtain this. What a superstar! We are very proud of you.

Message from Area Education Manager

As you know, the First Minister announced at the weekend that there will be some changes to the way schools return after the Christmas break.  Tomorrow (Tuesday 22 December) a letter will be issued to all parents and carers of children and young people in Highland schools to give you the key information about this.  Please do not contact the school today about the new arrangements, to allow School leaders and staff to focus on planning for the new term.


Best wishes,



Fiona Shearer

South Area Manager

Education & Learning

Special Mention

A special mention today for Phoebe in nursery. When she received her selection box from nursery she took it home and shared it out with her friends and family, meaning she only had one of the items herself. How kind is that. We are so proud of you Phoebe for demonstrating our value kindness. Wonderful.

Google meet at 11am

I know last time we had a google meet some parents had problems joining. The meeting link is active at the moment so please feel free to have a trial run before 11am. The google meet app can be downloaded onto phones, etc. Then it should just be a case of clicking on the link from the email which was sent to you all on Monday. I know some parents have had to log in with their details and then logout before logging in again before they could join. These are the times an IT specialist in school would be handy! Feel free to use your child’s google details to join in if this is easier. Hopefully see lots of you at 11am!

Christmas Lunch

Lots of full tummies after our delicious Christmas lunch today! A huge thank you to the canteen staff for the delicious meal. Good fun had by all!