Super well done to Hughie in P2/3 who was awarded players player of the year at shinty. Congratulations!

Shinty World Cup

Huge well done to the shinty boys and girl today at the World Cup. Both teams got through to the semifinals do a super achievement all round.

Ryan P1

A huge well done to Ryan who was awarded coaches player of the year at shinty. Thanks for showing us your trophy Ryan.

Cup of Kindness

Well done to Alexander who was awarded the cup of kindness today for being extremely helpful and polite to a member of the community. Always makes me proud to hear good things said about ‘my kids’ especially outside of school. Fantastic Ali!

Summer Fete

Fabulous afternoon at Beauly Primary. Thanks to everyone for making this afternoon such a success – from those of you who entered the bake off, to all the helpers and everyone who came and spent their money. It was so lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves in the sun. Thanks also to those of you who made sure the tent didn’t fly away too! Fabulous team effort. Happy days.

Help required!

Any parents available to help stay for a few minutes and put the big tent up after dropping off children this morning? If you are available then see you on the field just after 9am! Thanks in advance.