Lagganlia Update


Dinner time with the P7’s – everyone is eating well!  Everyone was full of stories about their adventures at the dinner table.

Evening group activity.


The boys chilling out with hot chocolate just before bed.

Lots of memory making happening at Lagganlia.

First night at Lagganlia

All is well with our P7 pupils and teachers.  They had great fun doing the night line activity last night and on the whole a very settled night.  A full day of activities ahead so lots of adventures and memories to be made.


Creeping Toad

Once upon a time in quiet little Beauly Primary School a Creeping Toad appeared.  While he was here we collected some strange and interesting objects and used them, along with other objects he had collected on his many journeys around the world, to make some very fascinating stories. 


A super day was had by all!

Lagganlia 2017

Our P7’s (and accompanying staff) have arrived safe and sound in Lagganlia.  They have unpacked and are finding their way around.  Let’s hope they have a great week.


Garden Volunteers

Mary Mackay (Erin in P1’s mum) is currently trying to put together a list of parent volunteers so we can open the garden at lunch time and get the children  more actively involved in it.  We had lunch time openings last term and these were very successful and enjoyed both by the pupils and volunteers.  It was lovely to see children of different ages working together and supporting each other alongside members of the community.

If you feel you, or someone you know, could give up 30 minutes at lunch time every now and again to help out please could you get in touch.  You could either contact Mary directly if you see her in the school playground or leave your name at the school office and we will pass it on to her.

It would be great if we could get this up and running as soon as possible so we can make the most of our garden area.

Fingers crossed we get a few volunteers!

Thank you.

Parent Council AGM

Just a wee reminder that the Parent Council AGM will be held at 7 pm in the staffroom building on Monday 11th September!!  Sorry – hit the wrong button last time before I had finished!

Look forward to seeing you there!