Curriculum Focus

Health and Wellbeing is our current curriculum focus. For the next few weeks we will be learning about keeping safe.
This week we were having lots of discussions about why we have to wash our hands-

“Get germs off!” Alice
“Wash them like this.” Finlay
“We wash them when they are dirty!” Elsie

“We use soap.” Emilia

“Dirty hands.” Oliver

“Some germs are good, but we have
to wash the bad germs!” R.J
“We have to wash the bad germs away!” James

“You wash your thumbs too!” Sam

Outdoor Learning

There has been a lot of learning going on this week in our nursery garden, with the children re-enacting different experiences from real life observations and using their imagination during play.

“I’m making a cake for my birthday” (Imogen)

“We’re making apple pie” (Orla) “I’m putting sugar in it” (Izzy)
Finlay and Kosma made sandcastles and then used a ruler to measure them. “It’s a 7” (Kosma)
Logan filled his barrow with blocks “I’m taking them down there to make a tower”
Kian was delighted with his find in the sandpit “Look what I found – it’s treasure!”

Outdoor Learning

Wow what a busy first week 😄 everyone has loved being able to get outside in the garden. We have a new building area to explore in. It is full of clipboards, paper and pencils for planning ideas, numbers with pictures to show the children different amounts and various building materials.

We are all looking forward to seeing what our little builders will have in store for us next week 🙂

Daryl and Micheal worked together brilliantly and made the start of a very tall wall. They were so impressed with their building they couldn’t wait for a picture to show everyone.

Sam decided he wanted to “check out the pipes”. Sam was concentrating so much it was tricky to get him to look up and smile 😂