Visit to the Train Station

On Wednesday afternoon we walked down to take a look at Beauly railway station because we had been learning about the life of George Stephenson. He lived a long time ago but he is still remembered because he helped to make it possible for train lines to be built. This meant that people could travel faster and further away. Before we left school we looked at at an old photograph of Beauly station, then when we got there we looked to see what was the same and what had changed. We drew some pencil sketches and were lucky to see two trains arriving at the station.

Motor Bike Visit

What a busy morning we had today. We had a visit from Mr Neill from the DVSA with his big Motor Bike. He heard that we were doing a topic on Transport and thought that we would like to learn about his bike. We even got a shot sitting on it and wearing a helmet that we can talk to like a phone. It was very exciting.

Even Mrs Fraser had a shot on the bike.

Straight after that we had our active play session with Steve and Jackie. We enjoyed playing together and making up our own games with the equipment. A bonus was the sun shining.

Summer Fete

Thank you to all the Primary 7’s, teachers and parent helpers who helped make our summer fete so much fun yesterday. We all had a ball.

End Of Term Trip To Urquhart Castle.

What a wonderful day we had last Wednesday on our trip to Urquhart Castle. We learned so much about the history of the Castle and really enjoyed being able to investigate some ancient artifacts such as old coins, chain mail armour, leather sandals and wooden clogs.

We started our visit in the cinema watching a short film about the history of the Castle and then we were taken outside by our Guide Graham who showed us a real Trebuchet (Siege weapon) and walked us around the castle while he explained what each part would have been.

Investigating a table of ancient artifacts and interacting with the museum exhibits was very interesting and fun. We then made our way back outside for a picnic on the grass bank followed by some circle games to work off our lunch.

Finally we all took turns climbing up the spiral staircase to the top of the tower where we could see for miles up and down Loch Ness. Nessie wasn’t about that day.

Hopscotch Times Tables

Last week we used some of our outdoor learning time to play Hopscotch to help us learn our 3 and 5 times tables. We had great fun drawing the hopscotch grid and jumping on the squares while learning the 3 or 5 times tables.

Trip to Beauly River

Last week we walked down Ferry road to look at Beauly river. We were tasked to see what we could see and hear, so we could create a class poster about our local River, which will be on display in the Gym. We liked the “diamonds sparkling on the river” and the wild life we heard and saw such as ducks, butterflies and red dragonflies.

Making Siege Engines

We had masses of fun last week making model siege engines to storm our castle in class. We decorated our platform, then tied two lollypop sticks together with elastic bands. We then forced a third lollypop stick inbetween the tied sticks to create our catapult. With help from Mrs Neill and the glue gun we then glued the catapult frame to our platform and glued a basket in the form of a bottle top, on top. Once dried we were able to caterpult boulders in the form of paper balls and lego at our castle to see who could hit the target. What a success, we all managed to storm the castle.

A big Thank You From The Eco Group.

The Eco group would like to give a big thank you to all the pupils and parents who helped make our book swap last Thursday such a big success.

We are happy to report that all children who brought a book from home left with a new book and story to enjoy.

Here are some photos of very happy and excited children with their newly swapped books.

Beauly Primary Book Swap

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 the Eco Group will be hosting a book swap in each class to encourage pupils to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle their  books.

If each child could bring at least one unwanted book that’s in good condition and at an appropriate age level for their class. Could parents please explain to younger children that a book swap means they will be going home with a different book not their own, so as not cause any upset.

Thank you to all the pupils and parents for all their support in making our book swap day a success.

Happy Swapping.

Science Week

So far for Science week we have had great fun. We have learnt about sound, soluble and insoluble, food chains, magnetism and made a potion to make us into superheros by Measuring the volume of each liquid ingredient. What a busy week so far and it’s only Wednesday!

Learning how energy from the Sun is used in a food chain, with the Aigas Field Center staff.

Learning how Magnets work.

Learning how sound travels through vibration.

Measuring the volume of our liquid ingredients to make potions that:

  1. Make people into Butterflies
  2. Turn your hair a rainbow colour.
  3. Make everyone in the world Happy
  4. Make fire.
  5. Become a superhero.