School Closure

The following guidelines are designed to assist you during periods of severe weather when decisions have to be made regarding attendance at school.

The decision as to whether a pupil should attempt to travel to school in adverse weather conditions lies with the parent or guardian.  While recognising that your child’s education should be interrupted as little as possible, the education authority accepts that in severe weather conditions the safety of the child is paramount.  If there is any doubt about safety, your child should remain at home.

For pupils using school transport, weather conditions and availability or otherwise of shelter at the pick-up point will indicate just how long a child should wait, and parents are asked to advise children appropriately in relation to prevailing conditions.

The school has a dial-in service if there is a risk of closure due to adverse weather.  This allows parents to listen to a recorded message from the Head teacher

When severe weather warnings are received your school will endeavour to keep the system updated.  It is an enhancement to the present service and does not replace existing methods of giving out information, such as radio broadcasts, described in the schools Adverse Weather Guidelines.

How to use the service

The school will establish a system of communication with parents and transport operators and ensure that parents are fully informed of the arrangements. A telephone service 0800 564 2272 will be updated for parents to access. The Council’s website will also be updated with information for individual schools. Beauly Primary School Pin; 041530

Dial Highland Council’s access number  – 0800 564 2272
Now enter your school’s pin number       – 041530

You have two attempts to enter the pin number and you will be disconnected after a second failed attempt.  If this happens, check the number and redial.  If you still have a problem check with your school.

You will now hear the school’s name.  Ensure that this is correct before going on.

You will now be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given 4 options:

Press 1 to hear your school’s message about the adverse weather for example whether or not the school is to close or if transport arrangements have been affected.

Press 4 to enter the pin number for another school within the authority.  Parents may have children who attend different schools.  This option allows you to move from one school’s messaging service to another without having to dial in again.

Information on school closures can also be viewed online through the Highland Council Website, please click the following link for this facility:

Local Radio Stations will issue news and weather bulletins conveying appropriate information regarding traffic conditions, school closures etc.  While it is recognised that such transmissions may not cover all households, they should be helpful to many families.

BBC Radio Highland:

6.55am – 7.00am                 7.50pm – 8.00pm     12.55pm – 1.00pm               4.55pm – 5.00pm

(In extreme conditions Radio Highland will interrupt Radio Scotland transmissions, usually on the hour, to carry emergency bulletins; however this service is not available through Radio Scotland DAB).

Moray Firth Radio:

Normal hourly news bulletins and half-hourly summaries will carry local information on weather, roads and conditions effecting schools. (In severe conditions normal programmes will be interrupted to carry emergency bulletins). Radio stations request that since telephone lines are busy at such times parents should not phone for advice but listen to the appropriate broadcasts.  Whenever possible, a message about closure will be relayed to Moray Firth radio for transmission through their information desk or website.

Parents and guardians should ensure that the school and their child knows of an alternative address which may be used by their child in an emergency.  It is also important that your child knows where to go in the event of school closure.

Bus drivers / contractors will normally inform the school / parents if they feel that the roads are unsafe, and they will be informed by the school if the school is closed early due to bad weather.  If you are in doubt about transport arrangements, the bus contractor can be contacted on the following number: Gordon Cormack:  Tel: 01463 782498

In the event of a daytime closure every effort will be made to contact you.  No child will be sent home from school without somewhere safe to go.  If you have any questions about the above arrangements, please get in touch before the bad weather sets in.