This is an exciting time to be involved in education in Scotland, at present we are moving through a curriculum change for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Education; with Primaries at an advanced stage in the process.  In recent years schools have been grappling with the best approaches to maximise learning potential through Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).  Now we are entering the phase where the talking is over and we are implementing the ideas.  The key components associated with CfE can been seen on a daily basis throughout Beauly Primary School classrooms; such as active learning, co-operative group-working and using ongoing or formative assessment strategies to support effective learning and teaching.

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The key aim of CfE is to ensure that our children are equipped with skills which will make them ready for life, being able to adapt and do jobs which at present may not even yet exist!

Just think back to when you were at school…. mobile phones were far from common (and HUGE!) while iPad’s, Facebook, ebay and google were a very long way from reality!

CfE aims to allow every child to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  Children are encouraged to think creatively and take ownership of their learning from the earliest of ages and are encouraged to be active in their learning.  Effective questioning is more important than ever as pupils apply new skills, demonstrate and justify their understanding, through a variety of real-life experiences.

At Beauly Primary School we aim to deliver learning opportunities with breadth and depth, across a broad range of skills, involving real-life problem-solving to help pupils make more sense of the world in which they live.  We strive to achieve an environment where the issues of respect, integrity and intercultural understanding underpin everything that happens in the school.  We endeavour to ensure learners become increasingly responsible for their own learning, appreciating the worth of the processes and have the self-belief they can be successful.  We work toward the development of confident, happy students who possess the skills and motivation to achieve their full potential. Individuals who recognise their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, who accept their responsibility for creating a better and more peaceful world and who know how they can make a difference.


During session 2018-2019 school staff reviewed topics studied for Inter Disciplinary Learning across the school.  These have been revamped to have more of a local and relevant focus.  Information about this for parents can be found at the link below.

Beauly IDL information for parents