Beauly Primary School is proud of how smart our children look in the lovely dark green sweatshirts.  Our intricate school crest shows the intertwoven letters ‘B’ and ‘S’, crafted to look like a tangled fishing line attached to a fly and barb, which has been used to catch a salmon.  The letters ‘B’ and ‘S’ were selected as the school site housed both a Primary and Secondary school in the past, not just the Primary that we have now.  Many Beauly residents still fondly refer to the school as ‘Beauly School’.  Children are encouraged to wear black or grey trousers/skirts to maintain a smart appearance when representing the school.


The salmon on the school crest is symbolic of the historical significance that the River Beauly has played in the local community.  Monks of the Valliscaulian order (Burgundy France), founded Beauly Priory in 1230, where they settled beside the River Beauly, at the place where it enters the Beauly Firth.  They were invited to do so by the Lord, Sir John Bisset.


Uniforms are available from the following outlets:

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  • Highland Schoolwear,  25 Academy Street, Inverness

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  • Schoolwear Made Easy, Gilmour Sports, Unit 4, 57 Harbour Road, Inverness

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