Callan & Eilidh’s kindness

Callan and Eilidh did a Santa fun run to raise money for Make a Wish charity.  They make people’s wishes come true when they are really ill.  Callan and Eilidh raised £684 for the charity and they even donated some of their own Christmas money to the charity too. Amazing young people who will certainly be making some very special people’s wishes come true.  We are all very proud of both of them.  Wonderful thoughtful pupils!


Parents Evening crèche

We are hoping some parents will run the creche during parents evening on Tuesday 11th February from 5.30pm until 8.00pm. If you are able to help out for even an hour please could you contact the school office so we can hopefully make up a rota. Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend everyone.

Cup of Tea

Well done to these pupils for consistently demonstrating excellent behaviour. They enjoyed a cup of tea with Mrs Fraser-Lee at break time today.


There was recently a bike left in the bike shelter. We have taken it into school to keep it safe until the owner collects it. If it is your bike please contact the school office.

Enrolment for Nursery and Primary One Pupils

Parents can access the necessary guidance information and complete the enrolment process online for both Primary 1 and ELC places on the Council’s website  –  Please note the online application process for P1 pupils will go live on Monday 27 January and will not be available before that date.  Parents will still have the option to  enrol their child in person at their catchment school or ELC setting.  Please remember to attach birth certificate and proof of address when you complete the online process.