School Garden

Primary one/two with the help of Callum in primary seven, harvested our potatoes. We worked really hard and got lots of potatoes.



We also picked some tomatoes and corn in the cob. Primary two helped to prepare the tomatoes and cook the corn. Then some of us  had a taste. They were delicious.




Outdoor Learning

Yesterday we made the most of the beautiful weather and went outside to the garden. We were using our different senses.

One group used their sense of touch to find things that felt hard and soft, and rough and smooth.

One group used their sense of sight to find lots of shades of green.

Finally the other group used their sense of smell to smell all the different herbs.

Lost Property

We have two plain cardigans in the class with no names. One is aged  4 to 6 years with a Smart Start label and the other is aged 5 to 6 with a PEP & CO label.

We also have a plastic lunch tub with a green lid but again no label.

Outdoor Learning Meeting

All parents and carers are invited to a meeting with Chris Mackie at 3:10pm on Monday 2nd of September regards his outdoor learning, research project. The meeting will be in the p1/2 classroom.

All welcome including children.

Mrs Cullen

Baby Animals

As part of our topic work on Food and Farming, we were very lucky to have two lots of special visitors.

Firstly, Paula and her daughter Emma brought two pet lambs from their farm to the school. The children got to touch the lambs and some even fed them with milk from bottles. The lambs were very hungry and wagged their tails in delight. Adam thought that they were very cute.





Thanks to Paula and Emma.


Then Mrs Mackintosh and her daughter Louise brought three little baby chicks for us to look at. We all got to feel their soft down and we saw how Louise has to teach them to eat and drink just like a Mummy hen.


Thanks to Louise and Mrs Mackintosh.