Apple Crumble

Primary 5/6 made an apple crumble using apples from the school garden.

They read and followed the instructions and despite a few cut fingers it was a resounding success!

Comments included – ‘Better than my Mum’s!’ , ‘Better than shop bought crumble,’ and ‘Can I have some more?’



E -mail

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe.

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What a Busy Week!!

We have had three Mums visiting this week to tell us all about their interesting jobs. Thanks to Troy’s Mum, Owen’s Mum and Joes’s Mum.


On Tuesday Iain from Sustrans came in and some of the children had a go on his bike, which powered a blender, in which we made a delicious smoothie.


On Thursday afternoon we all took part in Drumfun and made lots of noise!



Primary 1/2 made kites and then we went and tried them out in the field. It was great fun!





Toys in the Past

Thanks for all your help and support with the children’s research into toys in the past.

The children did really well sharing what they had learned.





Primary 1/2 Scissor Skills

Primary 1/2 were working on their scissor skills this week, and created some cute bears!









Primary 1/2 have been thinking about what kind of behaviour makes a good friend and what we do when we fall out with a friend.

As part of our work we drew portraits of one of our friends.