World Book Day

Primary one/two enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.



Olivia was chosen by primary seven for the pupil with the best costume in primary one/two. Well done!



Helen, our local librarian came in and shared a story and some rhymes with us.


Mrs Fraser-Lee shared a traditional tale with the class in the afternoon.

Football Training




Primary one/two had football training on Monday with Ross County. They focused on learning to dribble with the ball.

Scottish Music

As part of our topic work on Katie-Morag we have been learning and listening to some Scottish songs and music, so today some primary six and seven children  entertained us with a range of Scottish songs and tunes.

Andrew and Iona sang a Gaelic song beautifully. Christian and Dylan played The Skye Boat Song on the viola, Louise played Auld Lang Syne and finally Jamie and David played a range of Scotttish tunes on the chanter.

The children loved hearing the tunes and were also able hear all about the different instruments, so a big thank you to all the children from primary one/two.

Outdoor Learning

Primary one/two went out to the garden to find materials that were hard, soft, smooth and rough.

Hard materials


Soft materials.


Smooth materials.


Rough materials


Author Visit

Primary one, two and three enjoyed a visit from an author this afternoon. The author Lynsey Banks shared her story Super Fox and the Rabbit Rescue with the children. Then after a short discussion the children from primary two and three received their book bags with lovely stories and activities to enjoy at home.

Thanks to Erin’s Mum Mary for arranging the visit.