P1/2 Happy Pictures.

As part of our work in health, we are looking at our different feelings and emotions. Today we read a story about being happy and we thought about what makes us happy.


Ruby M


By Dara.


By Rocco


By Jamie


Primary 1/2 went on an autumn walk.

Primary one and two went for an afternoon walk and spotted lots of signs of autumn.

They found lots of sycamore seeds and made them spin like helicopters and then they thought of some super words to describe the leaves they found. Skye thought the oak leaf looked liked the antlers of a reindeer.

We used our leaves to make some pictures.


Look at all our leaves.


A butterfly byMatthew.


A bird by Mae.


A butterfly by Ruby M.


A butterfly by Dara.

Garden Group Visit

Thanks to the Community Garden for allowing the Beauly School Garden Group to visit their lovely garden. The children got a chance to explore the garden and then they helped out by planting and watering.

They were rewarded with some juice and biscuits for all their hard work. We had a great afternoon and would love to visit again!

Zoe, Aeva and Jack enjoying the sunshine before the hard work begins.


Erin and Grace watering the garden.

Calum and Ebony planting.


Finlay sweeping up.

Having a well earned rest.

Primary One’s Visit to the Priory

Today primary one visited the Priory and learned when it was built and who lived in it. We were told all about it by Mrs Rosie MacDonald, so a big thank you to her for giving up her free time.

Ava and Callan looking at the graves.

Children looking at the stone sink.


Mrs MacDonald


We also looked at the old sycamore tree. We tried to see how many children with arms stretched wide could fit round it.

When we got back we painted some pictures of the Priory.

By Ryan.

By Harvey

By Dylan

Primary One Outing

    Primary One will be going to visit the Priory tomorrow to find out about the history of Beauly. A big thanks to Mrs Rosie MacDonald who has agreed to come and share her knowledge about the Priory with us.
    Please wear a hat and sun cream if it is going to be another beautiful day as we will be out most of the morning.
    Today Primary One made the most of the beautiful weather and went to the garden.
    Harvey made a bird’s nest.


Leighton and Lucas helped to water all our plants.



Some of us looked for bugs



Science Week Homework

Well done to all primary one children for having a go at some of the minbeast homework activities.

Harry’s pictures of the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly.

Ava’s life cycle picture.

Erin with her pictures of life cycles.

Skye made salt dough bugs.

Finn made bugs by painting some stones.

Jamie made a butterfly.