Email contacts

Hope everyone is well.

Ms Stoddart and I can’t access our highland council emails from home but feel free to contact us on the following email addresses…

Take care.

Playing together 😊

Apologies for delay, I have been having trouble uploading the photos since Friday.

We spent Friday, enjoying playing together. Both in our classroom and playing shops in Mrs Fraser’s. Then we ended the day playing some of our favourite circle games. 😊

Learning together 💻

We spent some time last week helping each other to log on to our new google classroom.

We still have some children who have not accepted their invite to the google classroom, if you can, try to log on with your usual username and password.

Remember, usernames look like this – All lowercase.

If you can log on, say hello! 👋🏻

Handwriting superstars 🌟

So proud of our absolute superstars this morning, working so hard on their joined handwriting. Everyone was concentrating so hard and should be so proud of themselves as they all produced such beautiful work. 😊😍

Well done everyone! 💜

Another special visitor 😊

Today we were lucky enough to have another visitor to our class. Brogan’s mum, came to tell us about her job as a Home Carer. We were able to try on the gloves she uses, see the slippy sheet used to help people move more easily in bed, as well as look at some other things she uses regularly in her job. Then we asked lots of good questions to help us learn even more about the job of a home carer.

A HUGE thank you to Kelsey for taking the time to come and talk to us. 😀

HWB and DYW week

What a busy start to the week! We started off by working in pairs to find out about the journey chocolate goes through before it gets to the shops. Most of us didn’t know it begins life as a bean in a pod on a cacao tree!

After playtime we were keeping fit and healthy by running around playing football with Ryan from Ross County. Ryan also had a chat with us about different ways of keeping healthy, both mentally and physically.

Then in the afternoon, we had some really interesting visitors. First, Sophie’s dad, Gavin came to tell us about his job as a firefighter. We learnt some very important fire safety rules, and found out about the many aspects of his job. We got to ask lots of super questions and even heard some funny stories about animals being rescued!

Finally we had a visit from Harvey’s mum, Catherine who came to tell us about her job as a healthcare assistant. She had her super assistant, Harvey, helping her to show us how to take blood pressure and teaching us all about what the numbers mean.

A HUGE thank you to both of our visitors who taught us so much today! 😊 It really makes a difference to hear about your jobs first hand.