Multiplication stations ❎

Today we worked really hard on improving our fast recall of the times tables we’ve been working on.

We worked around 4 various maths stations; using fidget spinners, dice, playing cards and fortune tellers to build up our speed.

Great maths work P3/4/5! 😊

Amazing adjectives!

This morning we were using our knowledge about adjectives to make our writing really interesting and exciting. We worked in pairs and trios to come up with some fantastic adjectives. We know that using descriptive words and phrases makes our writing more interesting for the reader. We are going to try to add this to our writing later in the week.

Healthy minds

Yesterday we were thinking about the various parts of our brain and what they do. We were really good at remembering some of the names of the various parts. We use animals to help us remember …

We read a story about a ‘Huge bag of worries’ and thought about what we can do when we have worries.

Then we relaxed with a mindfulness game.

Sponsored pyjama walk/run 🤩

We had lots of fun and showed amazing stamina yesterday at our sponsored event. A massive well done to everyone who took part, we are all so proud of you! 🌟

We even had a wee ladybird 🐞 hitch along for the ride on one of the laps!

Talking and listening 🗣👂🏻

We were working on our talking and listening skills on Monday. We had to listen carefully to our partner speak for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Then we had to try to remember what they told us in order to report back to the class. It was much trickier than we thought! Look at those concentrating faces! 😊

Fun in the gym!

We had fun playing ‘Prisoner Dodgeball’ and some parachute games in the gym, and then headed outside to the field for a game of ‘Chaos Tig’ in the sun on Friday. We were practising our dodging skills and spatial awareness in the gym.