Trip To Abriachan

Primary 2/3 had a fantastic day at Abriachan. They played a food chain ring game, wrote a Heron poem in the bird hide, climbed the tree house and escaped through the trap door, planted trees and listened to a folk tale about a Heron in the green house. Finally after a well earned rest and lunch, they had great fun playing in the park, even Mrs Fraser had a shot of the fireman’s pole.

DYW Assembly

Well done to all the children who made such an huge effort to come in dressed up as a member of the work force. We had a plethora of jobs from Builders, Nurses, Vets, Actors, Teachers, Mums, Artists and so much more. Here are some of the work force on parade at assembly:


DYW Week

A huge thank you to Mr Ingram for coming to our class to talk about his job as a farmer. We really enjoyed his visit and learnt a lot. We particularly enjoyed all the tactile items he brought in for us to touch and smell: sheep wool, straw, hay and feed.

Well done to all the children who made such a magnificent effort to dress up for their dream  job for assembly on the Friday at the end of DYW week. You all looked amazing. We had builders, jockeys, scientists, teachers, a mum, a vet, an artist, footballers and so much more.

Primary 6 outing

Primary 6 had a great day today at the RHET, Fun with Food and Farming at the Black Isle Showground. They learnt a lot about the different types of farming, investigated the vast range of foods/grains that Farmers’ produce. As well as discovering the economical aspects of farming and how important it is to support our local farmers.

Everyone  enjoyed the lambs and calves! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our day out:

Sheep Shearing

Calves, one breed for milk the other for meat.

Making butter in the dairy.

Learning about bee keeping

Hay Bale wrapping.

where does the milk go?

Primary 2/3 Bird Assembly

All the children in primary 2/3 had been working hard to create an interesting and entertaining assembly for the school and family members last Friday. They all performed superbly and engaged us with all they had learnt about birds over the last term . Here are some pictures of their Assembly:


Scottish Culture

Over the past couple of months our interdisiplinary learning has been about Scotland and Scottish culture. We have been comparing our country with others. During our learning we have expressed what we’ve learnt through different mediums, such as poster making, literacy and art and design to mention but a few.

Here are some of our wonderful creations from posters about Scottish produce, to thistle tealight holders and clay Nessies.

Very Delicate and elegant thistle tealight holders hand crafted from clay.

Some of our creative expressions of our beloved Nessie, molded from clay.

Individually designed posters on Scottish produce.

Ross County football skills and World book day.

It’s been a busy week this week in Primary 2/3. We’ve had our 2nd session with the Ross County coaches teaching us ball and game skills. We’re having great fun developing our team work and ball control skills. Here are few snaps of us in action:

Today was world book day and as a class we were very impressed with the thought and effort that had gone into the book character costumes. We had the Worst Witch, Puss in Boots, Peter Pan, The Gingerbread Man, Harry Potter, and Willy Wonka  to mention but a few. In the morning we had a visit from Helen our local Librarian, who was great at reading some of the books we brought in and in the afternoon Harvey’s Mum and little brother paid us a visit to read us more new stories. After lunch the whole school gathered together to judge the best costumes and Harvey as the Crayon won in our class, well done Harvey. Here are a few of the moments we captured today:


Visit to the Train Station

On Wednesday afternoon we walked down to take a look at Beauly railway station because we had been learning about the life of George Stephenson. He lived a long time ago but he is still remembered because he helped to make it possible for train lines to be built. This meant that people could travel faster and further away. Before we left school we looked at at an old photograph of Beauly station, then when we got there we looked to see what was the same and what had changed. We drew some pencil sketches and were lucky to see two trains arriving at the station.

Motor Bike Visit

What a busy morning we had today. We had a visit from Mr Neill from the DVSA with his big Motor Bike. He heard that we were doing a topic on Transport and thought that we would like to learn about his bike. We even got a shot sitting on it and wearing a helmet that we can talk to like a phone. It was very exciting.

Even Mrs Fraser had a shot on the bike.

Straight after that we had our active play session with Steve and Jackie. We enjoyed playing together and making up our own games with the equipment. A bonus was the sun shining.