Easter Egg Hunt

We had great fun on Tuesday participating in the whole School Easter Egg Hunt. We had to hunt high and low in the School garden for our own chocolate bunny and the Easter Bunny had found some very secret hiding places.

Easter Bonnets and Crowns.

Yesterday we created our individual Easter Bonnets and Crowns to celebrate Easter. Here are a few Pictures of our beautifully designed and colorful creations.


Visit to the Fruit Shop and co-op.

Today as a continuation of finding out where our food comes from, we took a trip to the local fruit shop and the co-op. We researched where the fruit and veg in both shops came from and whether it was loose or bagged. it was amazing to see some of the countries that our food has travelled from, like Costa-Rica, South-Africa, Spain, Egypt,   UK and Kirkhill!

From Farm To Fork and Spring Watch walk

Our healthy eating focus for this week was to look at where our food comes from. We watched a short program on the cycle of a banana “From Farm to Fork”. It explained the process a banana goes through from growth to shop shelf. We then made our own bananas and correctly ordered the process by recalling what we had seen and heard and made a display of our work.


Today we went on a Spring watch walk around the Cnoc. here are some photos of our findings.

Spring flowers. Snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinth and crocuses.


We found buds and new leaves on some trees.


There was evidence of rabbits.

New life coming through the dead leaves on the ground.

Firefighters come to Beauly Primary.

Two local firefighters came to talk to us about what they do and how we can use them as an emergency service.

They demonstrated how to preform CPR and how to be put into the recovery position. We all had a shot putting our partner into the recovery position.

We got to try on some of the uniform they wear to an emergency. It was very heavy and excessively large on us but great fun dressing up.

Even Mrs Fraser tried on the full uniform.

doesn’t she look the part.

The firemen explained what we would use their service for, such as house fires,  car accidents and getting cats out of trees. so if you need your cat out of a tree dial 999, give them your address, what the issue is and what service you are calling for.

Dance Event.

On Friday a select group of Primary 6/7 girls took part in a dance event at Charleston Academy. Since October the girls have been taking part in a dance class every Tuesday afternoon held by Rhianna and Erica the dance leaders from Charleston Academy.  The conclusion of these classes was for the pupils of Beauly, Muirton, Tennasie and Kinmylies primary schools to get together and demonstrate their dances to the each other and some parents.

We really enjoyed the dance class on a weekly basis, as we were able to express ourselves to music we love. Being able to demonstrate the dance to our own classes boosted our confidence, meaning there were very few butterflys on the day. As you can see from the above photo we had a ball and would love to do it again.

primary 2/3 Assembly

On Friday P2/3 held their class assembly and invited their families and the rest of the School to watch.

Sophie introduced the class by telling the audience that they were going to share the different things they have been learning. She then handed over to Lexie, Sophie and Phoebe.

Lexie explained that they had read a story called the Lightkeepers lunch. This had started discussions about electricity and how to light the lightbulb in their own individually designed lighthouses. They learnt to make circuits using battery packs, crocodile clips, tin foil and cables and also what conducted electricity.

Eilidh then introduced their healthy eating topic by asking Ebony, Charlie, Ollie and Hughie to talk about our teeth.

They explained what the different teeth were, what they did and how to best look after them.Ebony was very enigmatic in making sure we all know to use a tooth brush and tooth paste and to brush twice a day. They then reminded us not to eat too many sugary foods as they are bad for our teeth.

Next Emily and Maisie pointed out to the audience that the words Lighthouse, toothpaste and toothbrush are all compound words which the class have been learning about by playing word games.

They then invited the audience to find some compound words of their own ,which was great fun.


Next the class discussed the different food groups. they informed the audience what they were and what foods were included in them. Max, Emily, Hughie, Seffi, Amir, Archie and Phoebe demonstrated a healthy plate with the different food groups and amounts that should be consumed in each. They also reminded us not to eat to much sugar.

Here you see the pie chart of food groups the children made. When it’s put together it makes a healthy food plate.

To finish the assembly P 2/3 sang the amazing song “Food Glorious Food” played for them By Sophie Ingram’s Mum. The Audience found Harry’s T-shirt “No more sprouts” very amusing and gave the class and Mrs Fraser a well deserved round of applause.

We hope you enjoyed our assembly and found all our learning informative and helpful.

Waste Free packed Lunches

The Eco group would like to thank all the pupils who participated in the waste free packed lunch week. All the pupils who took part will recieve a certificate.

World Book day

Today was World Book day and we had great fun in P 2/3. We came to school in our pajamas (even Mrs Fraser, Mrs Fraser-Lee and Mrs Neill wore their pajamas) and brought our favorite book that we like to read in bed.

We all snuggled under a blanket to show and tell our favorite books,

then we settled down to hear some of “The Tinder Box” by Hans Christian Anderson.

We also created and wrote our own story based on our little Beauly Bears antics in the classroom with our Pirate ship. We all had great fun imagining what our Bear had been up to an created an amazing story.

Victorian Day

On Thursday last week P 5/6 had a Victorian day because it is our currant topic.

To initiate the day the boys and girls were separated into groups as girls and boys in the Victorian era would not have mixed together at school.

Our first subject of the day was maths, were we problem solved with Victorian money. We used chalk and boards instead of whiteboards and pens, we found this tricky.


After maths we had Recess and played various Victorian games, such as jump rope, hopscotch, skip rope, spinning tops and toss the stone into the circle, some of these games we still play today.

Here is our Victorian class photo.

After Recess we had handwriting with ink and Quill pens. We had to copy fancy writing and if you made a mess you were punished. However most pupils made a great job of their handwriting so no one was punished.

If you were punished in the Victorian era you were made to wear the dunce hat or hit with the belt/cane. We pretended to be very sad pupils being made to wear the dunce hat.

Here are our Victorian day classroom rules.

  1. Students must stand up to answer questions and wait for permission to speak.
  2. Students must call Teachers “sir” or “Miss”.
  3. Students must stand when an adult enters the room.
  4. Students must use their right hand at all times for writing.
  5. Girls will learn needle work and boys will learn technical drawing.
  6. Students must not put their hands up unless they are told they can do so.
  7. Students must not ask questions.
  8. Talking and fidgeting will be punished. Children who are truant (late), behave badly or do poor work will be belted.

As a modern day class we didn’t like the Victorian rules and much prefer our own class rules.

As a class we had a great day acting out a typical Victorian school day and would like to do it again.