We have very much enjoyed the last four weeks of Kodaly with Mr Thompson learning new songs and rhythms, but aim to continue on with the music sessions ourselves as we enjoyed it so much. Thank You Mr Thompson.

P5/6 Thoughts About Taking Part in BGT.

My name is Oisin and i will be performing three separate musical pieces on the piano. I am quietly confident that my performance will go smoothly but I’m counting on everyone’s support and encouragement.

Our names are Iona and Freya. We will be performing a modern dance routine to ” No Excuses” by Meghan Trainer. We both have butterfly’s about performing but we are both extremely excited for our acrobatic demonstration on Friday. We have practiced tirelessly for the last 5 weeks and are looking forward to the explosions of  cheers after we have done our performance. See you there!

Beaulys got talent coming soon

We are really looking forward to our own superstars preforming at Beaulys got talent on Friday evening at the Phipps Hall at 6:30 pm.

Prior to this event we will be having rehearsals on Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th during school hours.

Therefore we would ask that all participants bring with them any props, costumes and music they may need.

We’re sure you will join us in wishing all the participants the best of luck when performing on the night and we hope to see you all there.

Salt Dough Fruit

As a continuation of our “healthy eating and farm to fork” topic we used salt dough to make our own pieces of fruit. We made Apples, bananas, lemons, oranges strawberries, plums and cherries. We molded, baked and painted them to look like real fruit. Aren’t they a work of art?

Easter Egg Hunt

We had great fun on Tuesday participating in the whole School Easter Egg Hunt. We had to hunt high and low in the School garden for our own chocolate bunny and the Easter Bunny had found some very secret hiding places.

Easter Bonnets and Crowns.

Yesterday we created our individual Easter Bonnets and Crowns to celebrate Easter. Here are a few Pictures of our beautifully designed and colorful creations.


Visit to the Fruit Shop and co-op.

Today as a continuation of finding out where our food comes from, we took a trip to the local fruit shop and the co-op. We researched where the fruit and veg in both shops came from and whether it was loose or bagged. it was amazing to see some of the countries that our food has travelled from, like Costa-Rica, South-Africa, Spain, Egypt,   UK and Kirkhill!

From Farm To Fork and Spring Watch walk

Our healthy eating focus for this week was to look at where our food comes from. We watched a short program on the cycle of a banana “From Farm to Fork”. It explained the process a banana goes through from growth to shop shelf. We then made our own bananas and correctly ordered the process by recalling what we had seen and heard and made a display of our work.


Today we went on a Spring watch walk around the Cnoc. here are some photos of our findings.

Spring flowers. Snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinth and crocuses.


We found buds and new leaves on some trees.


There was evidence of rabbits.

New life coming through the dead leaves on the ground.

Firefighters come to Beauly Primary.

Two local firefighters came to talk to us about what they do and how we can use them as an emergency service.

They demonstrated how to preform CPR and how to be put into the recovery position. We all had a shot putting our partner into the recovery position.

We got to try on some of the uniform they wear to an emergency. It was very heavy and excessively large on us but great fun dressing up.

Even Mrs Fraser tried on the full uniform.

doesn’t she look the part.

The firemen explained what we would use their service for, such as house fires,  car accidents and getting cats out of trees. so if you need your cat out of a tree dial 999, give them your address, what the issue is and what service you are calling for.