Meerkat Mail

Beauly Primary are taking a new approach to writing in hope to really hook children in and get them super enthusiastic about writing.

P3/4/5 are currently using the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ as a model text to inspire us when creating our own stories and texts.

This week we created story maps to help us retell the story using pictures and buzz words.

We discussed the word ‘habitat’ and developed our understanding of varied habitats around the world. We then worked in groups; using Chrome-books, to research a variety of animals and shared our new found knowledge with our class mates.

Remembrance Day

Primary 3/4/5 spent some time last week learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of the poppy.

As a class we have become really good at talking about our own feelings, so we changed our mindsets to think about how the soldiers felt during their time on the front line followed by writing our thoughts on poppies.

We created some fantastic art work and combined our efforts to build a poppy wreath to show our respect for the fallen soldiers.

Least we forget.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

As part of our Health and Wellbeing week we have been developing our talking and listening skills We sat together as a class to discuss the importance of staying healthy and what we can do to ensure we keep up a healthy lifestyle.

The class were in agreement that eating fruit and vegetables daily as well as regular exercise and a good nights sleep all help support our health and well-being both in body and mind.

As a class we used the alphabet to come up with as many fruits as we could for each letter but we found some letters really tricky. Can you think of a fruit for each letter of the alphabet?

But the best part of the day? Getting to taste test different fruits. We even tried some fruits we hadn’t tried before and really enjoyed them! 🍏🍌🥝🥑🍍🍌


P3/4/5 were visited by Vince from the SSPCA today. He shared his knowledge of wild animals and answered some very interesting questions from our children. The class were given the opportunity to build an owl robot and their computational thinking skills were put to the test as they tried to programme their owls to move and make the correct animal sound. 🦉📱


Last week we had a visit from Iain who kindly took along his scooters for us to try out on a track he made in our school playground. He discussed the importance of staying safe and reminded us that we should always wear a helmet when on our scooters or bikes no matter how short the distance. We all had lots of fun and it really got us moving. Even Ms stoddart and Mrs Fraser-Lee got in on the action.

We enjoyed it that much it became our inspiration for our posters as part of Health and Well-being week!


Abriachan 2019

What a wonderful day we have all had today. I firstly would like to say how immensely proud we are of our Beauly Bairns. They were amazing! The staff at Abriachan could not praise them enough for displaying lovely manners and enthusiasm for every task they were given today. It really was a pleasure and I loved being able to share the experience with them all. The weather did not stop us in our tracks either. Hopefully the children created memories that will last a lifetime as I know I have. Thank you P3/4 and P4/5 for a lovely day and a huge thank you to all our amazing staff, Carrie Rennie and of course Abriachan who made it possible for our trip to take place.

Ms Stoddart 🙂

Shortbread with P4/5

We have been learning about measurement during maths and looking at the different elements involved in recipe writing as part of our literacy tasks. Our class combined these skills and spent the afternoon baking shortbread. We had lots of fun but our cleaning skills are still a work in progress 🙈

Ms Stoddart 😊