LEGO STEM Club make their names with LEGO.

Beauly LEGO STEM Club

The Beauly LEGO STEM Club is underway and to kick things off everyone made their names with LEGO.

LEGO STEM Club make their names with LEGO.

We followed this up with a design our logo task, everyone was asked to come up with at least one design for the club logo with LEGO blocks used in some way to inspire the design, next week we will vote on the designs and pick our favourite.

Finally this week we briefly introduced the idea of bridge design, the task was to create a bridge between two tables that could support at least one standard house brick. Time was against us so well thought out and built designs were not implemented but next week we will hopefully complete some amazing bridges. In the mean time if parents can perhaps help their child to find bridge designs in books or the internet, this could really help.