Nursery News

Outdoor Learning

Wow what a busy first week 😄 everyone has loved being able to get outside in the garden. We have a new building area to explore in. It is full of clipboards, paper and pencils for planning ideas, numbers with pictures to show the children different amounts and various building materials.

We are all looking forward to seeing what our little builders will have in store for us next week 🙂

Daryl and Micheal worked together brilliantly and made the start of a very tall wall. They were so impressed with their building they couldn’t wait for a picture to show everyone.

Sam decided he wanted to “check out the pipes”. Sam was concentrating so much it was tricky to get him to look up and smile 😂

Nursery Planting

We have shoots

I have taken the children’s plants home to look after them, we were going to put them home before the holidays but unfortunately that ain’t happening 🙁 Here are the ones thats have shoots showing!