Nursery News

Our Literacy Focused Learning

This week in Nursery, we have been choosing different stories and texts to read and listen to.








We celebrated World Book Day and some children dressed up as a character from their favourite stories and brought the books to Nursery.

“I dressed up as Princess Sophie.” Melanie








We had a visit from Helen the librarian in the morning and Xander’s mum Lauren came to read to us in the afternoon.

“Auntie Lauren read The Gruffalo to all of us. I like the Gruffalo and the mouse.” Owen


“The library lady read us some stories.”  Joe









We also wondered if we would be able to find any signs or words outside so we went on a word walk and recorded each one we spotted by making tally marks. We discovered that words and signs are everywhere!

“Doing tally marks. It was a competition to see who could find the most signs.” Evie

“Go inside that way to the Primary School.” Leo B

“I think it might be danger. No monsters allowed.” Jodie

“This is for Nursery.” Luca