Nursery News

Mrs Edgar’s Discovery

Mrs Edgar brought in a nest that she had discovered in the postbox at the bottom of her drive.  She told us that the mummy and daddy birds had been scared away by the postie and left 3 tiny eggs in the nest.  🙁

The children were delighted to be able to inspect the nest.

What did the children think the nest was made of? Mae and Matthew thought “Moss”, Leo B thought “Moss and feathers” and Ruby thought “Feathers.”

Olivia knew that “They fly and they pick it up and they make a nest.”

We’ll be able to add the photos and our experiences to our ‘Spring’ floor book. Just ask if you’d like to see the book and find out what else we have learned.

Outside Play

It was a lovely day to be outside playing on the trikes. We didn’t even need our coats! 🙂

The children are becoming very good at pedalling and taking turns.



“The bikes were cool and there was lights – red, yellow and green.” Matthew

“When the traffic lights are red, the cars stop. Orange, the cars get ready and green means go.” Archie

“At the zebra crossing, Milly was pointing at the buttons to make sure that the cars stopped.” Ruby