Nursery News

Our Special Visitor

Look who we found in the garden!

“Santa in the garden.” Holly

“I think the reindeer were in the circle, where we play the wolf game!” Matthew

We gave him “our letters.” Archie

“Santa gave me sweets, I asked for a surprise.” Lukas

Fun in the Snow

The nursery children went out to play in the snow this afternoon. Have a look at all the fun they had!!

“I made a little snowman.” Owen

Looking for the snowman’s eyes and arms.

“We made Olaf.” Dara

“We got his head on!” Orlagh

“Need more snow to make his tummy bigger!” Leo

“Snow on gloves.” Sofia

“He needs a head.” Jodie

“We’ve got a head!” Ishbel

Ta-da!! We did it!