Primary 3/4 News

Meet Jefferson! 🦴

Thank you so much to Harry and his family for bringing their skeleton, ‘Jefferson’ to school to help us with our study of the human body. 🦴
We have been having lots of fun with him and we will learn lots from looking at his bones, and even inside his skull! 💀 Thank you so much! 😊

Ready, steady, cook!

Some of our superstars in P3/4 made us a delicious meal last week with the help of Mrs Neill in ‘The Creation Station’.

They worked really hard to make fresh tagliatelle and tomato sauce! Then they came back to class and explained their recipe and method and then served us their scrummy dish with grated mozzarella on top! What a treat!
There were a few members of our class who were convinced they didn’t like pasta but were really brave and gave it a go and ended up loving it!! Look at all those clean bowls!

The Human Body

We are learning all about the human body this term, so first of all we worked in groups to think about what we already know and what we want to find out.

Then we worked together to draw around a member of our group and label as many body parts as we could. After that, we were given some internal organs to see if we knew where they went. This involved lots of interesting discussions, such as which side our heart is on and if our lungs are in our chest or tummies. Great discussions all round!

P3/4 Hearts of Gold

Mrs MacIver and Mrs Williams could not have been more proud of P3/4 today. The school had a pyjama day to raise funds for Roz. Our amazing class came in with, not only a £1 donation but…money earned through doing chores, tooth fairy money and the contents of some piggy banks 😍🤗👏🏻🌟

Snack on Monday

Just a wee reminder that there will be no canteen snacks available at play time on Monday. We will rehearsing for ‘Porridge’ in the Phipps Hall so please ensure your child has a snack with them. 😊

Snowman Biscuits ⛄️🍪

We have been working so hard during writing time this term that Mrs MacIver thought we deserved a little reward this week! 🤗 We were writing instructions and before we wrote the the steps to make snowman biscuits we made some of our very own and…the best bit…then we were allowed to eat them while reading a festive story together! Yum 😋 Our lesson also led to discussions about hygiene and allergies. A very interesting afternoon in P3/4 😁