Primary 3/4 News

Beauly Primary Book Swap

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 the Eco Group will be hosting a book swap in each class to encourage pupils to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle their  books.

If each child could bring at least one unwanted book that’s in good condition and at an appropriate age level for their class. Could parents please explain to younger children that a book swap means they will be going home with a different book not their own, so as not cause any upset.

Thank you to all the pupils and parents for all their support in making our book swap day a success.

Happy Swapping.

Our caterpillars have arrived! 🐛

There was great excitement in the classroom yesterday when our caterpillars arrived! We will be taking good care of them and observing them as they make their transformation into Painted Lady Butterflies. 🦋

Can you tell someone at home about an exoskeleton?


Well done to Callum for being a Best Beauly Bairn! Callum was nominated for being a Responsible Citizen and always keeping our classroom tidy! We are so proud of you!

P3/4 Royal Wedding Fever 👰🏼🤴🏼

We had a really fun day in P3/4 today doing lots of Royal Wedding related learning. Mrs Fraser-Lee got in to the spirit and came to see our learning… in her wedding dress! 👰🏼

P3/4 – can you tell someone at home some wedding related verbs, nouns and adjectives?

Shortbread with P4/5

We have been learning about measurement during maths and looking at the different elements involved in recipe writing as part of our literacy tasks. Our class combined these skills and spent the afternoon baking shortbread. We had lots of fun but our cleaning skills are still a work in progress 🙈

Ms Stoddart 😊

Fun with the Glasgow Science Centre

We really enjoyed our visit from the Glasgow Science Centre. The show about digestion was disgustingly good!
Jemma and Ross told us lots of interesting scientific facts that we discussed in class and we were able to explore some really cool things during our time at the exhibit.

Fruit Week 14th – 18th May

As the weather is getting better, next week each class will get the chance to win a “week with no homework” as SNAG once again run their Fruity Challenge!
Bring fruit for snack and earn your class a point!
The winning class will be announced next Friday – good luck! 🍌🍒🍏🍉🍑🍇🍍🍓🍋🍊

Science Week Fun! 🔬

What a fantastic day today experimenting and exploring science! We worked in our year groups with Mrs Williams, Mrs Fraser and Mrs Macritchie.
To begin the day, all of P3 worked with Mrs Williams on exploring Magnetism, P4 were with Mrs Macritchie exploring Dissolving and P2 were with Mrs Fraser learning about Sound. Then we swapped round so that everyone had a turn in each classroom.
We learnt so much, and we also impressed our teachers with our prior knowledge and our prediction skills!
Here are some pictures of P2, P3 and P4 exploring and experimenting with magnets.

Can you teach someone at home about something you have learnt today? 😊

Sharing our Viking Learning 🙂

Last week we completed our work on our Viking information posters. We worked so hard in our small groups to produce our posters and then we presented them to the rest of the class. We spoke clearly and gave each other feedback on our posters and talks.