Primary 3/4 News

Caring for our butterflies 🦋

This morning we have been watching our chrysalides carefully and can see a deep crack in one of them, telling us that we won’t have to wait too long to see a butterfly emerge!

In preparation for our butterflies emerging, we decorated their home with some leaves and twigs and we made some nectar by mixing water and sugar. We then dipped a flower in the nectar 🌷 so that they can have a drink once they have emerged.

A big Thank You From The Eco Group.

The Eco group would like to give a big thank you to all the pupils and parents who helped make our book swap last Thursday such a big success.

We are happy to report that all children who brought a book from home left with a new book and story to enjoy.

Here are some photos of very happy and excited children with their newly swapped books.

A busy day of learning!

Wow, what a busy day we’ve had in P3/4 today! We worked hard on our reading this morning and then used analogue clocks to practise telling the time. After playtime we worked on some Scots Language in preparation for an author visit next Tuesday. See if you can sing 🎶 the ‘Heid, shooders, knees and taes’ song to someone at home, or perhaps you can challenge them to a game of ‘Staun up, sit doon’?! Also, 5 House Points to anyone who can post some more Scots words on the blog (or tell us in class if you can’t post on the blog).

Mrs Neill showed us a video of her bees 🐝 this afternoon and told us about their lifecycle. We got to hold and touch some honeycomb too.
Anna and Chloe took in a wasp nest to show us and told us all about how the wasp had made its home. And Natalia found an abandoned birds nest lying on the ground outside so took that to show us too!
It was also Riley’s birthday 🎈 so we all had cake! 🎂

Finally, exciting caterpillar 🐛 news! One of our caterpillars has spun a silk web at the top of the cup and is now hanging in a ‘J’ shape ready to begin the next stage of its lifecycle. Can you tell someone at home what will happen next? A couple of our other caterpillars have been spending a lot of time hanging about at the top of the cup looking for a comfy place to hang. I wonder what will happen tomorrow!

Caterpillars caterpillars! 🐛

Wow, our caterpillars have been very busy eating and eating over the past few days. Just look how big they are!
Yesterday we went outside to have a look for any caterpillars or eggs that we could spot in the school garden. We could certainly see a lot of evidence that there had been caterpillars munching and we were even lucky enough to spot 2 tiny caterpillars and what looked like caterpillar eggs on the underside of some leaves!
See if you can spot the tiny caterpillars on some of the leaves in the pictures below. One of them is very hard to see! 🐛👀

Spelling in the sun! ☀️

We made the most of the gorgeous sunshine this morning and took our learning outdoors to work on our spelling words. We used chalk to write our words around the school playground and then worked with a partner playing spelling games.
Look at our fabulous spelling! 😇😊

Beauly Primary Book Swap

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 the Eco Group will be hosting a book swap in each class to encourage pupils to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle their  books.

If each child could bring at least one unwanted book that’s in good condition and at an appropriate age level for their class. Could parents please explain to younger children that a book swap means they will be going home with a different book not their own, so as not cause any upset.

Thank you to all the pupils and parents for all their support in making our book swap day a success.

Happy Swapping.