Primary 3/4/5 News

Puppy love! 🐶🐶🐶

We were so lucky to meet Mrs Fraser-Lee’s gorgeous puppies yesterday! We loved getting cuddles and learning all their names. The most repeated phrase was definitely … “Can we go and see the puppies again?” 😆

P3/4 P4/5 Abriachan Trip

Despite the weather, we had a fantastic time at Abriachan today. We were planting trees, making film strips, measuring, toasting brioche, making wooden puzzles, making flower bombs and writing our promises to the planet. Mrs MacIver and Ms Stoddart were also delighted to get great feedback about everyone’s behaviour and good manners. Well done everyone, I’m sure we will all sleep well tonight! 😊😴

Abriachan 2019

What a wonderful day we have all had today. I firstly would like to say how immensely proud we are of our Beauly Bairns. They were amazing! The staff at Abriachan could not praise them enough for displaying lovely manners and enthusiasm for every task they were given today. It really was a pleasure and I loved being able to share the experience with them all. The weather did not stop us in our tracks either. Hopefully the children created memories that will last a lifetime as I know I have. Thank you P3/4 and P4/5 for a lovely day and a huge thank you to all our amazing staff, Carrie Rennie and of course Abriachan who made it possible for our trip to take place.

Ms Stoddart 🙂

P3/4 and P4/5 Reminder

Please remember to dress for all weather conditions for our trip tomorrow. The forecast says there is a chance of rain but the temperature doesn’t look too bad. Layers and appropriate footwear please! ☺️

P.S. Remember packed lunches too! 🥪🍎🥤

DYW Assembly

Well done to all the children who made such an huge effort to come in dressed up as a member of the work force. We had a plethora of jobs from Builders, Nurses, Vets, Actors, Teachers, Mums, Artists and so much more. Here are some of the work force on parade at assembly:


Telling the time! ⏰

This week we are working on Time. We have been doing lots of practical work and playing some games to help us. We found a fun Time game on Topmarks, which we played on the ChromeBooks too.

Ask us the time at home!