Primary 3/4/5 News

Science fun! 👩‍🔬👨🏼‍🔬

We had lots of fun today working with Mr Ashwell on a science lesson about sound. We did lots of investigating in our groups with a variety of resources, including glass bottles, water, polenta, speakers, xylophones and more! We discovered that sound travels in waves into our ears! 👂🏻

Look at all the fun we had learning …

Foodie Friday! 🎃😋🥣

Yesterday was our turn for Foodie Friday with Mrs Neill, so 5 of us went off to the ‘Creation Station’ to cook some yummy pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds.

We worked really hard to chop, grate, blitz and blend! And what delicious results! Well done everyone! 👩‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳👏🏻👏🏻

Ball skills in the gym 🏀

We were working on ball skills yesterday in the gym. We started off by warming up with a game of ‘Tail tig’ to get us thinking about our dodging skills.

Then we each took a basketball to work on our bouncing/catching and dribbling skills.

To finish off, we each had a go at shooting the ball through the baskets! Fantastic work P3/4/5! 🏀🙌🏻

Welcome back! 😊

It was lovely to see lots of smiley faces yesterday after our holiday, and we have been really impressed with how quickly everyone has settled back into the routine.

There has been lots of hard work taking place over the last two days… we have written about our exciting holiday news – with lots of us using paragraphs and super adjectives! We have worked hard in our reading groups with lots of us having new books to read and some of us on non-fiction books this term. In maths we’ve all worked so well on addition using the column method, some groups were adding 2 digit numbers, some were adding 3 digit numbers and some on 4 digit numbers. We have also learnt some new calming mindfulness tricks, done some dance in P.E as well as Gaelic and lots more!

Phew! 😅 Well done P3/4/5, a fantastic start to a busy term 2!

Here we are doing some excellent talking and listening to share our holiday news.

Multiplication stations ❎

Today we worked really hard on improving our fast recall of the times tables we’ve been working on.

We worked around 4 various maths stations; using fidget spinners, dice, playing cards and fortune tellers to build up our speed.

Great maths work P3/4/5! 😊

Amazing adjectives!

This morning we were using our knowledge about adjectives to make our writing really interesting and exciting. We worked in pairs and trios to come up with some fantastic adjectives. We know that using descriptive words and phrases makes our writing more interesting for the reader. We are going to try to add this to our writing later in the week.