Primary 3/4/5 News

Baby Rabbits Visit P3/4🐰

We were very lucky to have a visit from Harry and Maisie’s FIVE baby rabbits this morning. They were so soft and cute!

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Setting our butterflies free!! 🦋❤️

This afternoon we took our butterflies out into the garden to set them free!
It was a little bit sad to say goodbye to them but very exciting to see them fly away after we’d watched them on their journey from tiny caterpillars 🐛 to beautiful butterflies!🦋

The first butterfly flew straight out of the net and up into the elderberry tree in the garden. Look closely to see if you can spot it in the pictures.

Lots of us got the chance to hold a butterfly if we wanted to and one even came back and landed on Kayleigh’s leg!

We have learnt so much about the lifecycle of a butterfly and will miss watching them in the classroom but at least Mrs MacIver and Mrs Williams don’t feel like they have 5 babies to worry about anymore!!! 😅😂 🐛🦋

Outdoor Learning Fun with P7! 😃

Yesterday we had lots of fun with P7 whilst taking part in some outdoor learning. First of all we went on a bug hunt, 🐛 🐜 🐞 using clipboards to record which beasties we had found and tallying our results.
Then we moved out of the garden into the playground to draw bar graphs of our results.

We all worked really well together in our pairs or trios.
Once we had drawn our graphs we discussed our findings.

Great work P3/4 and P7! 😇😊

Butterflies update! 🦋

Lots of butterflies 🦋 news to update… Our second butterfly emerged just after hometime on Friday but unfortunately had a bit of difficulty as it’s chrysalis broke in half and it fell to the bottom of the net, so had some trouble getting out. I have lots of videos to show you! Number 3 emerged on its travels from Beauly to Inverness! Number 4 popped out yesterday and number 5 literally started to emerge as I was typing this post…pics and videos to follow!

Look at the last chrysalis just before it emerged, can you see the colour of the wings through it?

Can you spot the butterfly using its proboscis to eat?

Shinty talk! 🏑

On Friday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Steven MacKenzie from the Camanachd Association. We learnt so much about the history of shinty and about Beauly’s shinty history.

We even recognised lots of faces from the teams throughout the years. Finlay was excited to see his grandad! Can you spot him again Finlay?

Thank you so much to Steven for a really interesting and informative talk. The boys and girls loved getting a chance to handle some of the shinty equipment too.