Primary 6 News

Primary 6 outing

Primary 6 had a great day today at the RHET, Fun with Food and Farming at the Black Isle Showground. They learnt a lot about the different types of farming, investigated the vast range of foods/grains that Farmers’ produce. As well as discovering the economical aspects of farming and how important it is to support our local farmers.

Everyone¬† enjoyed the lambs and calves! ūüôā

Here are a few pictures from our day out:

Sheep Shearing

Calves, one breed for milk the other for meat.

Making butter in the dairy.

Learning about bee keeping

Hay Bale wrapping.

where does the milk go?

Primary 6 WWII Assembly

Primary 6 pupils shared their learning with pupils, staff, parents and visitors during an Assembly on Friday 3 May. All pupils had been hard working and focused since returning from the Easter holidays and in a very short time had produced an amazing fact sharing Assembly. Information was presented using a timeline, posters, 3D models of gas mask boxes, shelters and homes, with interactive sounds of sirens and planes from chrome books. An Enigma code breaking challenge was given to Ben and Isla of P7. (Well done to them for solving it!)

Very proud of every one of you – you were amazing!!!

Science Week – Magnetism Primary 4-7

Primary 4-7 pupils had fun learning about magnetism in the Primary 6 classroom.¬† ¬†When learning about the properties of magnetic forces, each class watched an interesting video about the world’s magnetic forces and the¬†aurora borealis.¬†¬†Pupils also learned about the use of electromagnets within health and industries.¬†¬†Pupils then went on to investigate magnetism at seven different active learning stations.¬† Within these stations they explored magnetic poles and their attraction and repulsion. They compared the strengths of different types of magnets and discovered that magnetic forces can travel through various materials.¬† Pupils were amazed that they could transfer magnetic forces to some metals and then use the metal needles as compasses that found the position of North.¬† Everyone enjoyed taking part in the fun activities too. Using magnets they made a car racing game and moved ‘stretchy people’¬†through a maze!


Scottish Culture

Over the past couple of months our interdisiplinary learning has been about Scotland and Scottish culture. We have been comparing our country with others. During our learning we have expressed what we’ve learnt through different mediums, such as poster making, literacy and art and design to mention but a few.

Here are some of our wonderful creations from posters about Scottish produce, to thistle tealight holders and clay Nessies.

Very Delicate and elegant thistle tealight holders hand crafted from clay.

Some of our creative expressions of our beloved Nessie, molded from clay.

Individually designed posters on Scottish produce.

A big Thank You From The Eco Group.

The Eco group would like to give a big thank you to all the pupils and parents who helped make our book swap last Thursday such a big success.

We are happy to report that all children who brought a book from home left with a new book and story to enjoy.

Here are some photos of very happy and excited children with their newly swapped books.

Beauly Primary Book Swap

On Thursday the 24th of May 2018 the Eco Group will be hosting a book swap in each class to encourage pupils to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle their  books.

If each child could bring at least one unwanted book that’s in good condition and at an appropriate age level for their class. Could parents please explain to younger children that a book swap means they will be going home with a different book not their own, so as not cause any upset.

Thank you to all the pupils and parents for all their support in making our book swap day a success.

Happy Swapping.

Mask Competition Winners

The pupil council would like to thank all the pupils who took part in the mask decorating competition to raise money for MFR cash for kids. It was clear to see that Beauly has a lot of very creative personalities which was evident in the standard of design.

Here are a selection of the wonderfully creative masks.

we are very pleased to post, the wonderful winners were:

Erin McKinnon P1 for her Sheep mask.

Finn Johannsen P1 for his Tiger mask.

Finlay Seller P3/4 for his person mask.

Iona Simpson P5/6 for her Decoupage mask.




Beaulys got talent coming soon

We are really looking forward to our own superstars preforming at Beaulys got talent on Friday evening at the Phipps Hall at 6:30 pm.

Prior to this event we will be having rehearsals on Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th during school hours.

Therefore we would ask that all participants bring with them any props, costumes and music they may need.

We’re sure you will join us in wishing all the participants the best of luck when performing on the night and we hope to see you all there.

Dance Event.

On Friday a select group of Primary 6/7 girls took part in a dance event at Charleston Academy. Since October the girls have been taking part in a dance class every Tuesday afternoon held by Rhianna and Erica the dance leaders from Charleston Academy.  The conclusion of these classes was for the pupils of Beauly, Muirton, Tennasie and Kinmylies primary schools to get together and demonstrate their dances to the each other and some parents.

We really enjoyed the dance class on a weekly basis, as we were able to express ourselves to music we love. Being able to demonstrate the dance to our own classes boosted our confidence, meaning there were very few butterflys on the day. As you can see from the above photo we had a ball and would love to do it again.