Primary 6 News

Waste Free packed Lunches

The Eco group would like to thank all the pupils who participated in the waste free packed lunch week. All the pupils who took part will recieve a certificate.

Victorian Day

On Thursday last week P 5/6 had a Victorian day because it is our currant topic.

To initiate the day the boys and girls were separated into groups as girls and boys in the Victorian era would not have mixed together at school.

Our first subject of the day was maths, were we problem solved with Victorian money. We used chalk and boards instead of whiteboards and pens, we found this tricky.


After maths we had Recess and played various Victorian games, such as jump rope, hopscotch, skip rope, spinning tops and toss the stone into the circle, some of these games we still play today.

Here is our Victorian class photo.

After Recess we had handwriting with ink and Quill pens. We had to copy fancy writing and if you made a mess you were punished. However most pupils made a great job of their handwriting so no one was punished.

If you were punished in the Victorian era you were made to wear the dunce hat or hit with the belt/cane. We pretended to be very sad pupils being made to wear the dunce hat.

Here are our Victorian day classroom rules.

  1. Students must stand up to answer questions and wait for permission to speak.
  2. Students must call Teachers “sir” or “Miss”.
  3. Students must stand when an adult enters the room.
  4. Students must use their right hand at all times for writing.
  5. Girls will learn needle work and boys will learn technical drawing.
  6. Students must not put their hands up unless they are told they can do so.
  7. Students must not ask questions.
  8. Talking and fidgeting will be punished. Children who are truant (late), behave badly or do poor work will be belted.

As a modern day class we didn’t like the Victorian rules and much prefer our own class rules.

As a class we had a great day acting out a typical Victorian school day and would like to do it again.

William Morris Tiles

This week on Tuesday we made some William Morris inspired Victorian tiles. William Morris was a Victorian artist and designer from the arts and craft movement who created spectacular interior designed textiles and tiles.
William Morris’s work was always symmetrical and he used nature to inspire his designs.
We used our knowledge of our Victorian topic, symmetry from Maths and research of William Morris’s art to create our own tiles.
We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed designing and creating them.

Waste free packed lunch week

Week commencing Monday 12th February will be a week of waste free packed lunches. The Eco group have instigated this challenge to the whole school to heighten the awareness of food and plastic waste that effects our environment and planet as a whole. We hope that you will support us through the week ahead by trying to have a waste free lunch.

My love is like a red, red, rose art.

In Primary 5/6 we have been learning about Robert Burns. As part of learning we created art to celebrate his famous poem ” My love is like a red,red,rose.” Our main focus was line, shape, tone and pattern. To help us we watched a tutorial on how to draw a realistic rose. We experimented with red and green oil pastels and lead pencils to see which created the best effect. Even though this activity was a challenge we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next challenge. We hope you enjoy our artwork, especially as valentines day is just around the corner.

P5/6 Robert Burns Assembly

It was a performance worthy of Broadway. We hope you enjoyed our historic Robert Burns assembly. We enjoyed practicing it and putting it together. Thank you for coming and if you weren’t there our assembly included…

A greeting from Mrs MacKenzie, then Ava, Andrew and Iona took over and gave an introduction, which led to the timeline.

“To a Mouse” was then recited by Andrew and Christian with Ava and callum acting out the events.

Mairi then introduced the Burns Supper still life.

The Burns Supper.

Conclusion of the performance by Louise.

For all those who came once more we would like to say a massive thank you and we hope you enjoyed our first blog.