Headteacher Award

Well done to Hughie for his act of kindness during cross country. He selflessly stopped mid-run to help another pupil in need. We are very proud of you Hughie.

Cross Country

Our Class were cross country super stars, we are very proud of everyone’s efforts despite the weather. Well done to our medal winners.


We were lucky enough to have some visitors for DYW this week. Fiona came to P3/4/5 to discuss her job as a scrub nurse. She talked about the importance of hand washing and keeping things sterile as well as sharing some pictures of the pre-op room and surgery instruments. She brought in some equipment for us to look at too.

Ms Stoddart 😊


Our class enjoyed today’s yoga session with Denise.

We felt very relaxed throughout and everyone gave even the tricky moves a good attempt.

Well done P3/4/5

Ms Stoddart 😊

In a world where you can be anything…..

P3/4/5 spent some time talking about the importance of being kind. We shared some of the kind and unkind words we have heard in and out of school. The class were very honest and said at some stage they have used unkind words towards others.

We used crumpled bits of paper to highlight that sometimes even after we have apologised unfortunately the damage is already done and can’t be reversed.

As part of the lesson we set up an experiment using cooked rice in jars to hopefully show the kids the effect that negative behaviour towards others can have.

At Beauly Primary we encourage the children to be the best they can be and to support each other throughout their learning journeys.

So remember in a world where you can be anything… always be kind. 💕

Ms Stoddart 😊

World Book Day 2020

We had lots of fun this year for World Book Day. The kids looked great in their outfits and it was lovely to see some homemade outfits too! 😍.

The whole school came together for a morning assembly to show off our wonderful outfits and there was a prize given for the best dressed from each class.

Our class went on a character hunt where they were on the search for 14 letters that made up the name of a popular character from a story book.

We shared our favourite stories in class and created bunting with pictures and a blurb all about our favourite books.

Finally we got involved in a book scavenger hunt with a partner to find random items within different books and even managed to find time to have a good look at the books available to buy from the book fair too!

Happy World Book Day everyone! 🌍📚

Ms Stoddart 😊

Read all about it!

P3/4/5 have enjoyed watching Newsround as part of our class listening and talking sessions.

As it has sparked interest with the children we decided to deepen their learning by looking at newspapers and how they differ from other types of texts.

The children enjoyed looking at a variety of newspapers and managed to spot some of the different features that make a piece of text a newspaper article. We will be attempting to create our own newspaper articles after looking at model texts to support our learning.

Robbie Burns

P3/4/5 have been learning about the life of Robert Burns during class this term. This afternoon we had a mini Burns Supper and the majority of the class enjoy our Haggis neeps and tatties so much they had seconds!!!

We created our own tartan designs and shared some of Robert Burns Poems too.

The children worked toegther to wash up after themselves too – well done p3/4/5.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎂Happy Birthday Robert Burns 🎂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Writers craft

P3/4/5 are using model texts to help them improve their writing skills. We worked together in trios to spot how a writer can use nouns, verbs and adjectives in their stories to create interest and hook their reader in. We looked specifically at a short story called the Unusual House; a house made of sweets. It was very like a popular fairytale story we have heard before. 🤔. We hope to share lots of stories during class so we can ‘magpie’ ideas for our own fairytale stories.

Meerkat Mail

Beauly Primary are taking a new approach to writing in hope to really hook children in and get them super enthusiastic about writing.

P3/4/5 are currently using the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ as a model text to inspire us when creating our own stories and texts.

This week we created story maps to help us retell the story using pictures and buzz words.

We discussed the word ‘habitat’ and developed our understanding of varied habitats around the world. We then worked in groups; using Chrome-books, to research a variety of animals and shared our new found knowledge with our class mates.