Primary 3/4 News

Visiting the sights of Beauly!

This afternoon we set off with our partners and clipboards to investigate our village.

We drew sketches and wrote notes to help us remember all the facilities and points of interest Beauly has to offer. This was to help us with our comparison of our local area with island life in Lewis.

We will use our information later in the week when we write postcards to some school children in Lewis and also next week, when we have a go at creating our own maps.

Wow, for a small village, Beauly really does have lots to offer!

Thesaurus work!

We were learning how to use a thesaurus in order to up-level our writing last week.

We had to use lots of skills in order to do this, we had to know the alphabet, use our skimming and scanning strategies and decide with our partners if the new word (the synonym) made sense in the sentence.

We worked well with our partners and then shared our new sentences with the class.

Tha Gàidhlig againn! P3/4

Tha P4 ag ionnsachadh beagan Gàidhlig.
P4 are learning a little bit of Gaelic.
Bha sinn a’ leabhadh sgeulachd an-duigh mu dheidhinn cailleach agus cearc – abair sgeulachd!
We were reading a story today about an old lady and a chicken – what a story!
I wonder if any of the P4s can remember the Gaelic word for… egg, dog, butter or up and down?

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders were busy during Citizenship Group time this week accessing “google classroom”. All ready to share digital knowledge with their peers back in their classes.

Meet Jefferson! 🦴

Thank you so much to Harry and his family for bringing their skeleton, ‘Jefferson’ to school to help us with our study of the human body. 🦴
We have been having lots of fun with him and we will learn lots from looking at his bones, and even inside his skull! 💀 Thank you so much! 😊