Primary 3/4 News

World Book Day 2020

We had lots of fun this year for World Book Day. The kids looked great in their outfits and it was lovely to see some homemade outfits too! 😍.

The whole school came together for a morning assembly to show off our wonderful outfits and there was a prize given for the best dressed from each class.

Our class went on a character hunt where they were on the search for 14 letters that made up the name of a popular character from a story book.

We shared our favourite stories in class and created bunting with pictures and a blurb all about our favourite books.

Finally we got involved in a book scavenger hunt with a partner to find random items within different books and even managed to find time to have a good look at the books available to buy from the book fair too!

Happy World Book Day everyone! 🌍📚

Ms Stoddart 😊

Directions! 🧭

This week we are working on directions in maths.

Today we went outside to have a go at following directions using the language – North/South/East/West; clockwise/anti-clockwise; left/right and quarter turns/half turns/three quarter turns.

Then we worked in pairs to see if we could draw a compass with all the correct points. After that we took turns giving our partner directions to follow.

Read all about it!

P3/4/5 have enjoyed watching Newsround as part of our class listening and talking sessions.

As it has sparked interest with the children we decided to deepen their learning by looking at newspapers and how they differ from other types of texts.

The children enjoyed looking at a variety of newspapers and managed to spot some of the different features that make a piece of text a newspaper article. We will be attempting to create our own newspaper articles after looking at model texts to support our learning.

Gaelic Cafe Wednesday 12th February ☕️🍪

Just a quick reminder that our Gaelic cafe will be running tomorrow (Wednesday 12th) in the gym hall.

The pupils have been working so hard and are very excited to welcome parents and carers. 

Times are as follows…

P3/4/5 9.45 – 10.30

P6/7 11.30 – 12.15

P5/6 1.45 – 2.30

We look forward to seeing you then 😊